Value Your Trade

How Much is My Car Worth? 

When you’re ready to purchase a new car or used car at Granbury Nissan, did you know you can sell your car to us and put that money towards your next vehicle? When you sell your car to a dealership you save yourself the time and hassle of trying to find a buyer on your own, and you’ll know that you’re getting the best price on the Weatherford market. If you’re wondering how much your car is worth, take a minute to use the complimentary Value Your Trade tool at Granbury Nissan for an estimate to get started!

How to Sell My Car to Granbury Nissan

Stephenville drivers who want to know how much their car is worth can find out at no cost in a matter of minutes when they use this simple Value My Trade tool. Just enter the information about your car, and you’re then ready to sell your car to a dealership in the Glen Rose area. Here’s how that process will go:

  1. Once you’ve got an estimated value for your car and know how much your car is worth, choose a few favorite vehicles from our inventory that are within your budget and suit your needs.
  2. If the vehicle you’ve chosen costs more than your trade-in’s worth, you can apply for financing with us to cover the difference.
  3. It’s a bit more difficult to trade in a car if you still have a balance on your loan. Our finance team can help you find the right option if this is your situation.
  4. Are you ready to sell your car to Granbury Nissan? Contact us to make an appointment so we’ll be ready for your arrival. We’ll inspect your vehicle and make you an offer. It might differ from the estimate you got from our Value Your Trade tool since the estimate factors in the condition of your vehicle and buyer demand for it. You can accept the offer, negotiate, or walk away without obligation.


Frequently Asked Trade-in Questions

1. Do I have to purchase a new vehicle at Granbury Nissan in order to sell my current vehicle at Granbury Nissan?

No—we will be glad to buy your car from you, whether or not you plan to purchase with us.

2. Is the offer generated from the trade-in calculator a real offer, or only an estimate?

Our online and in-store offers are legitimate offers that are pursuable for 7 days. If you’ve valued your trade online and have an offer you want to finalize, bring it to Granbury Nissan for the next steps. We’ll inspect your vehicle to ensure its condition matches the information provided online, and you can get a same-day payment for the sale. Depending on the results of your car’s inspection at our dealership, the offer may be adjusted.

3. Does Granbury Nissan require both an online appraisal and in-store appraisal of my trade-in car?

No. If you visit us with an online offer from our website, we do not need to perform another in-store appraisal—unless the offer is over 7 days old. Our appraisal standards are the same online and in-store, so if you visit us with an online offer we will only inspect your vehicle to ensure its condition matches the information entered online. Online offers are only adjusted if there is a discrepancy between the car’s true condition and what was entered online.

4. Is an online appraisal my only option at Granbury Nissan?

No! We welcome all drivers into our dealership if they prefer to get an in-person appraisal for their trade-in car. Walk-ins are welcomed, but you can also schedule an appointment ahead of time if you like.

5. I’ve received my online offer—what comes next?

If you’re ready to hand over the keys to your car, you have 7 days to redeem your offer at our dealership. Schedule an appointment, or stop by whenever you have time. After verifying your vehicle’s current condition, we will extend a finalized offer to you. You can head home with your payment in hand!

6. Will Granbury Nissan bring my car from my home or office to the dealership?

At this time we do not offer a pick-up service. All offers must be redeemed in-person at our dealership in Granbury.

7. Is an appointment required to sell my car?

We appreciate it when customers schedule an appointment, as it gives us time to prepare for the visit. However, walk-ins are always greeted warmly! We are here to assist you when the time is right for you.

8. Do I have to redeem my offer at the same dealership I received it from?

Yes. Granbury Nissan will only honor offers that originated on our website or at our dealership.

9. How is my trade-in offer calculated?

There are several factors that contribute to your offer. Current market conditions play a role in what price your car will realistically sell for. Additionally, your car’s year, make, model, mileage, and Vehicle History Report must be considered. When you’re at the dealership, we will inspect the overall condition of your car, inside and out. We’ll also take it on a short test drive to assess the engine performance and check that vital components like the brake system and turn signals are functioning properly. If we discover an issue that will need to be repaired, it might mean we have to adjust the offer to account for the associated costs. Thoroughly cleaning your vehicle before visiting the dealership will definitely make a good first impression, but we are most concerned with the maintenance record.

10. What should I bring to the dealership when I sell my car?

When you visit us to sell your car, please bring:

  • Title and loan payoff documents (if there is more than one titleholder, both individuals must be present for the sale)
  • Up-to-date registration papers
  • Valid state-issued photo ID(s) for titleholder(s)
  • All keys and remotes

11. What form of payment does Granbury Nissan provide?

When you sell us your vehicle, we send you home with payment in hand. The form of payment is a bank draft—a check that guarantees the availability of the funds when you bring it to the issuing bank. Bank drafts can only be deposited, not cashed. It is recommended that you inquire with your bank about any hold policies on deposits before attempting to draw on the bank draft.

12. What if my current loan balance is greater than the value of my car?

This is known as negative equity. If you intend to purchase a vehicle at our dealership when you sell your car, you may be able to consolidate what you owe into a new financing plan. Otherwise, the difference between your current loan balance and your offer amount can be paid back directly to our dealership in the form of a cashier’s check, certified check, certified funds, cash, or debit card. The official written offer you receive from us is valid for three days, so you’ll have some time to get the funds in order.

13. Can I sell a leased car at Granbury Nissan?

Yes, and selling a leased car to us is almost the same as selling a financed car to us. We will still need to appraise the vehicle, and we’ll also need to get in touch with the leasing company to get a payoff quote and process any existing equity. We are happy to work with you on selling your leased car, but please know that we cannot purchase leases from Nissan Motor Acceptance, Infiniti Financial Services, Honda Finance, Southeast Toyota Financial, GM Financial, Ford Credit, Mazda Credit, World Omni, Volvo Financial, Lincoln Credit, Acura Financial, Hyundai Motor Financial, Kia Motor Finance, and Mercedes-Benz Financial. It is also worth noting that leased cars may not be eligible for trade-in tax credits. We recommend contacting your leasing company for more information before you attempt to sell the car.

14. Can I sell a car in the name of a company?

If you are acting on behalf of a company to sell a vehicle for it, you will need to see a Business Office associate to learn more about the requirements.

Sell Your Car to Granbury Nissan!

When you sell your car to Granbury Nissan you’ll enjoy a fast and convenient transaction that gets you back on Granbury streets in your new car in no time! Contact Granbury Nissan with any questions you have about how to sell your car to us. We’re here to help!